Buckley’s Maternity Slideshow :: Sioux Falls, SD :: Ashley Buckley Photography

May 17th, 2016

Just recently, Chris and Calley welcomed their first son, mr. Chet Buckley….and life will never, ever be the same!  This maternity slideshow instantly carries a whole new sentimental value and will serve as a sweet reminder of the the countless hours spent anticipating the birth of their baby boy.  I can only image what a treasured keepsake this slideshow will become as he grows.

Certain life experiences should never be forgotten and are meant to be passed down from one generation to the next!  Is it an investment to hire a professional photographer to capture your wedding, pregnant tummy, a newborn baby, your child/ren, or your family?  Of course it is!  But what a gift to be able to share a tangible item that contains such much sentimental value.

Want to learn more about my maternity and newborn packages?  Send me a note here!

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